AppsBazar, is an innovative approach towards providing a technical leverage to the distributed market that includes local vendors. In this platform, AppsBazar leverage vendors to create your own app for their businesses or domains at online Bazar. The concept underlying AppsBazar is to technically facilitate users and merchants of distributed market. What is worth noting is that even after an E-commerce revolution, still 70 % of vendors are not using technical platform to enhance their respective businesses. The giant e-commerce ventures engage and approach potential customers and update the existing ones about their business using technology. Many of the e-commerce users that are not e-literate seem dissatisfied with the products and services offered by these e-commerce ventures. This results in the survival of local vendors/service providers. This service void drives an impulse in us to develop something for the local vendors and customers. Why a local merchant cannot use technology to upgrade and improvise his services and taking his customer class to an online bazar to grab new customer form online platform and retain the loyal customer as well. AppsBazar mobile app builder play significant role for local vendors to put their local business at online platform.

It focuses to connect the vendors and customers on a single platform so that the vendors can offer direct services in a better manner while customers on the other hand are facilitated of the technical services. Apps Bazar will increase the serviceability to the individuals and will help providing the offline services on an online platform as well. It serves as a medium to connect with the loyal clients and customers. With 85 Million smartphone users, India is the third largest country in the world to use mobile apps. Smartphone is the present and definitely the future and therefore becomes an obvious choice to endorse the services and products well.


Enabling the channel partners equipped with latest technology trends so that they connected to more customers, enhance satisfaction and bonding.


Make retailers enabled with technology and ensuring that association with their customers remains seamless. Focus on :


Support make in India and boost Digital India Initiativeby providing the technology enabled market to end users and their channel partners.