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Posted Date: 16-08-2016

Real Estate Mobile app can increase your sales

How Real Estate Mobile app can increase your sales

If you are one of them who are into real estate business and are looking for something that can tremendously make growth in your business, you are definitely at the right place. Apps Bazar best app builder is such an amazing platform that helps its vendors to mark their web presence via app and make it a brand. Due to increasing demand of mobile apps, business person are moving to mobile apps as well. Read more about Restaurant app help to lower customer strain

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As you have already seen in the part one that how easy and convenient to handle customers and clients with real estate business solution, in this next section we have come up with some more features that utilize the more functioning of real estate mobile app created by best mobile app builder.

Being a realtor in industry it becomes necessary to have a business app that provides an opportunity to know your customers well and let them acquainted with what you have for them. Previously we have talked about some of the features that are related to the admin or dashboard. Today we are stretching down to a level and exploring more.

The rest features incorporated in Apps Bazar Real estate app are:

  • Through a real estate mobile app, you can connect with your clients like never before, offering them the ability to stay in touch with you at all times via email and messaging functionality.
  • Property listings at their fingertips; price and other comparisons so your clients can shop via their phone, and more.
  • Listings are the main reason that Apps Bazar develop apps, but that isn’t all. Hence we have provided the features of banners and promotions tab that can use for marketing as well.
  • We have two categories for properties that are for sell and rent and customers can choose either of them.
  • Floor Plan feature is something which really is an important aspect for property dealers and their clients as well because they are more interested to know the exact details of measurements of the chosen property.Read more about Real Estate Business solution could transform your Business
  • Several images can be uploaded as per the subscription plan that gives client a real feel to take a tour to the property areas without being physically present over there.
  • Customers can also get a glance of our upcoming projects so in future they want to secure it in advance, we prevail such facilities as well.

Real Estate App Development provides an easy way for individual real estate dealer to display its property portfolio on smartphone anytime, anywhere in just few taps

AppsBazar is a mobile app builder which provides customized mobile applications for vendors like gym, retail, catering, real estate, restaurant, NGO, doctor and wedding. Enabling the channel partners equipped with latest technology trends so that they connected to more customers, enhance satisfaction and bonding. Do not think twice and grab the benefits of Apps Bazar Real Estate Mobile App and trust me you won’t regret it.