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Posted Date: 17-10-2016

Stay Fit via GYM App from Mobile App Creator

Health is a primary concern of today’s generation and increasing in all age groups as well. To get fit and to make a balance between their professional life and personal life is a bit difficult nowadays. The strict office hours and constantly busy life schedule makes it even more difficult for them to stay fit and visit the rigorous Gym hours. There must be a solution that can deal with such problems and becomes an ultimate solution to the targeted audience. AppsBazar is a venture that deals with all the business holders and market dealers. It has an number of apps to fulfill the vendor’s requirements. Gone were the days when you have to walk miles to get a fit body. No more excuses for not having a trainer/dietician or time to work out. Our top dieticians and trainers with years of experience have come up together to give you this app and help you lose or gain weight in a right manner. [Also Read:-3 reasons why you need to purchase catering app]

AppsBazar brings you an opportunity to get Fit and Stay Healthy with a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Gym Mobile App Business Solution is an Official Best App builder of AppsBazar in India that helps you reach your Ideal body Weight and stay Fit. It will help you to get acquainted with daily Exercises and Diet Plans, Log your Gym workouts, track your progress and there is much more waiting for our fitness lovers.

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GYM Business Solution is like having a Personal Trainer in your pocket.

You’ll quickly improve fitness, strength, tone, muscle or use it to count the calories you burn as part of your weight loss / weight gain program. Apart from that there is a personal trainer available for the trainees for extra perks and attention. As a package AppsBazar offers an analytical dashboard along with an android app and real time database that can manage huge data for respective vendors of Gym Business. [Also read : Why Your Gym Needs Customized App]

Features Include:  

  • Daily work out Reminders

  • The data is managed efficiently

  • Happy customers are what we ask for

  • Progress tracking on periodic basis

  •  Easy-to-understand detailed descriptions 

  • Get motivated by browsing your past workouts

  • Get a Customized Workout and Diet Plan according to your weight Goal

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There are several other features apart from these as we have highlighted a few. For Further information you can visit our website . We can provide a demo to the respective vendors with a 7 days free trial to get positive, honest and satisfactory results from our customers.

Gym Mobile App facilitates gym owner to manage their gym member's requirement via their own gym app like diet plan, workout plans, promotion activities, new offer.

AppsBazar business app builder is an online platform that provides mobile app solutions for different business categories that helps vendors to grow their business and achieve higher customer satisfaction